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reduction in non-lost-time injuries

When it comes to health and safety performance at Aecon, leading and trailing indicators are our measuring tools. These indicators allow us to monitor our safety results and measure our effectiveness at avoiding incidents. Through this, we’re able to hone our core safety program to ensure consistent improvement in overall safety performance.

Ultimately, Aecon wants every employee to go home safe each and every day. In 2014, we self-performed 19.2 million hours of work with just one lost-time injury and an overall lost-time injury (LTI) Frequency rate of just 0.01 LTIs per 200,000 hours worked. Prior to that, Aecon had logged a record 24 million consecutive hours with zero lost-time injuries. We take great pride in our safety results but, to us, even one lost-time injury is one too many.

Leading Indicators

Over the last several years, the Aecon safety program has made a significant shift toward focusing on leading indicators versus trailing indicators. By addressing and analyzing proactive behaviours, we can better anticipate opportunities to prevent accidents and injury. This focused attention on proactive behaviours and activities has net a significant return for safety at Aecon.

Leading indicator initiatives at Aecon:

  • “Safety Moment” at the top of every meeting at an Aecon site or office
  • Workplace orientations
  • Scheduled safety-specific meetings
  • Weekly ToolBox safety talks with all operations employees
  • Supervisor EHS inspections
  • Hazard assessments (Job Hazard Analysis, Job Assessment Risk Review, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis*)
  • Behavioural observations
  • Dedicated training activities (fall arrest, traffic control, confined space)
  • Safety Committee meetings
  • Safety Opportunity Reports
  • Workplace-specific initiatives based on the analysis of trends (for example, workplace changes, training, standard operating procedures)
  • Safety conferences
  • Aecon Safety Week

* Signifying a construction industry first, Aecon has adopted the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) system used at leading-edge organizations like NASA. FMEA is designed to identify potential safety issues and correct them before they can do harm.

Recent Health and Safety Program Initiatives

Aecon has rolled out several recent initiatives to improve overall health and safety culture:


Designed to empower all Aecon employees, subcontractors and visitors when it comes to safety engagement, the Safety Opportunity Program provides a process for reporting on, or making suggestions toward, safety opportunities in the Aecon workplace. Reporting can be carried out electronically, on paper or verbally. When a Safety Opportunity is reported, notifications are sent to the appropriate Aecon managers and EHS staff, prompting a coordinated and appropriate follow-up. A great success to date, the program’s proactive measures have helped to further reduce safety risks in our workplace.


New workers are a valuable resource for our company and our industry. In tandem with their workplace performance, new workers must be trained and mentored in all safety-related matters. Instilling the appropriate safety behaviours and attitude fosters an ideal safety culture that keeps our workplaces – and our new workers – safe. Aecon’s New Worker Program features specific training, mentorship periods and a unique identifier in the Aecon green hard hat.


Handling materials and tools and completing day-to-day activities on an Aecon work site generate a multitude of situations where the use of hand protection is required. Aecon launched its Glove Tether Program with the objective of ensuring that when an employee needs those much-needed gloves, they’re hanging right at his or her hip.

Industry Acknowledgements
Aecon takes great pride in its commitment to safety and safe work practices. We’re also proud of the industry acknowledgment we receive each year in recognition of that commitment from clients and industry associations for health and safety performance across Canada. In 2013, Aecon was presented the National Safety Award by the Canadian Construction Association for our commitment to driving best practices beyond legislative compliance and using our resources to eliminate health and safety risks.

In 2014, Aecon was pleased to be recognized by the Ontario General Contractors Association and the Vancouver Regional Construction Association for leadership in safety performance.