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At Aecon, Safety First isn’t just a part of our day-to-day business…it’s our number one core value. From CEO to front-line employee, the responsibility for ensuring every Aecon worker gets home safely to his or her family every day is a responsibility equally shared among all our employees.

More than simply a program, safety is in our operational DNA. It forms the foundation of how we do business. The Aecon safety culture is driven from the top down and is rooted in guiding principles that our people carry out through workplace actions and behaviours each and every day. Training, mentoring, reward and recognition are all hallmarks of our commitment to safety and to nurturing an environment focused on protecting our people, the public and the environment.

Aecon Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Developed internally and based on established behavioural safety techniques, the Aecon Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) program meets international standards and utilizes industry-leading practices. Audits are conducted across all Aecon operations to ensure consistency in the effective implementation of the program and to identify any emerging opportunities for further improvement.


  • Safety is an inherent part of our corporate culture; it’s not just a program
  • Managing safety is the responsibility of everyone in the organization
  • All injuries are preventable
  • Accidents don’t just happen; they are caused




The Aecon RedBook is our EHS manual. It precisely details every component of the Aecon EHS Management System and operational standards. A mandatory hard copy of the RedBook exists in all workplaces, including with our mobile crews. It’s electronically available to all employees and subcontractors and is updated on an annual basis to reflect industry best practices and legislative changes.


For more than 10 years, Aecon has been honouring our commitment to safety and exemplary safety record with an annual celebration. Over the course of a dedicated week in October, more than 15,000 employees, subcontractors, clients and invited guests gather at Aecon project sites and offices across the country. Among the featured events are the annual CEO Safety Day Toolbox Talk, the unveiling of the annual Safety Day poster and a review of the year’s safety highlights.


The Aecon Common Core Supervisor Training Program is a mandatory part of every supervisor’s agenda at Aecon. The focus is on ensuring all our supervisors are capable of providing the appropriate stewardship for health and safety in our workplaces. Additional training is provided on a continual basis, with programming geared to specific work activities.


Six Safety Councils operate across the company with the express purpose of ensuring continual enrichment of our organization’s safety culture. Council members include presidents, vice presidents and senior managers from Aecon’s various business units.


With representation from both workers and management, members of Aecon’s Joint Health and Safety Committees gather each June for an annual health and safety conference. The conference provides a valuable forum for key learnings, networking and sharing of best practices from across the company.


Judiciously monitored by Aecon leadership and safety teams, key performance indicators – both leading and lagging – provide the best available information for proactively improving workplace safety. KPIs are frequently reviewed to ensure our Aecon EHS program is being effectively implemented.


Contractors performing work on behalf of Aecon are also expected to adopt and exhibit positive safety culture and practices at all times while performing work on an Aecon project. To aid in this process, all contractors are required to register via the Aecon pre-qualification program, where their health and safety programs, records and performance can be reviewed when they’re being considered for any future work.