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To attract the best employees and help them build a long-term career at Aecon, we offer industry-leading compensation packages consisting of salary, benefits, profit-sharing and a performance-based bonus program. Aecon expends considerable energy continually benchmarking our company’s total compensation packages.

Health & Dental Benefits
Eligible employees enjoy 100 per cent employer-paid health and dental premiums.

Retirement Planning
Aecon offers a Defined Contribution Pension Plan (DCPP) to all full-time, salaried employees, with employer contribution matching.

Employee Share Purchase Plan
Through Aecon’s Employee Share Purchase Plan (ESPP), employees can share in the company’s success. The ESPP offers eligible employees an opportunity to become part owners of the company by purchasing company stock through regular, automatic payroll deductions.

For every dollar contributed, Aecon will match 30 cents up to a maximum employee contribution of seven per cent of their base salary.

Wellness Benefits
Aecon’s Health and Wellness program provides an annual reimbursement for various health and wellness initiatives, including gym membership, fitness equipment, program fees, league fees, weight loss program fees. The benefit also extends to home safety items such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

Professional Development Reimbursement
As part of our commitment to assisting in the growth and development of our employees, Aecon will reimburse approved business-related degrees, diplomas and courses at the graduate, undergraduate and professional designation levels. We also reimburse eligible employees for annual professional membership dues, where applicable and required.