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Learning Culture is one of Aecon’s core values. Career management, in turn, is a vital component of this cultural expectation. And through a broad range of internal initiatives, Aecon actively commits to, and supports, the development of both our people and their vested interest in their Aecon careers.

Our career management program is maintained through a well-developed talent management process and training and development curriculum. This dedicated focus is a win-win for our company. Helping to develop the minds and skill sets of our people in the interest of further advancing their personal development plans also provides our company with an enhanced platform of knowledge and expertise to offer our clients and partners.

Here are just a few of our focused initiatives that help support career development at Aecon:

  • Technical and soft skills training
  • A mentorship program
  • Performance appraisals
  • Upward and lateral progression
  • Succession planning
  • Cross-divisional experiential learning

We also strongly believe in promoting from within. Most vacancies are first posted internally, offering current employees opportunities for advancement before the search goes to an external, non-employee audience. Aecon also engages a succession planning process to proactively support future growth of the organization.


The Aecon mentoring program is a key leadership development initiative matching junior employees with our more seasoned professionals. The advantages are multifold, with learning opportunities for both parties and a greater appreciation for the work we do.

Other advantages include:

  • Enhanced inter-divisional collaboration
  • Greater knowledge of the
  • industry overall
  • Better understanding of Aecon as a
  • diverse and multi-faceted company
  • Sharper business acumen
  • Stronger leadership skills


The Individual Development Plan is a fully customizable personal road map used in developing skills and achieving goals. The employee utilizes this self-assessment tool to take a personal inventory and clearly define the actions needed for career evolution. The result is a formal learning and development cycle that elevates the individual in his or her current and future roles, with benefits extending to team members and Aecon as a whole.


Performance management at Aecon allows each member of the Aecon team to plan and work toward workplace objectives. The biannual process also identifies personal growth needs and aspirations. It is a mutual collaboration between employee and manager to:

  • Review past performance and results
  • Establish clear expectations for ongoing performance and provide coaching and feedback
  • Establish goals and objectives and objectives and create an action plan to achieve them
  • Measure and evaluate the employee’s contribution to business/corporate objectives
  • Ensure improved employee performance over time

Employees and their managers also work together to:

  • Assess future development needs
  • Discuss future job opportunities and career objectives
  • Create a plan to meet the employee’s career aspirations
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Built on the foundation of our Learning Culture core value, Aecon University is our one-stop source for internal training and development opportunities for all employees. Aecon University is a virtual learning centre and jumping-off point for employee learning and development needs and career aspirations. Through a mix of both traditional in-class programming and self-paced online learning modules, Aecon facilitates a broad range of focused programming to meet today’s industry and employee needs.