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The Aecon Women Inclusion Network (AWIN) inspires all women to reach their full career potential. With the words "inclusion" and "network" firmly based in its foundation, AWIN aims to build meaningful connections through a broad range of participation. The group's leadership consists of an Executive Sponsor, Chair, Advisor and Council Members. 

The mission of AWIN is to:

  • Establish a robust mentorship program that allows women to meet and network with other Aecon employees on a similar career path.
  • Develop and leverage a strong AWIN presence externally in support of attracting, retaining and advancing women in the industry.
  • Build stronger awareness internally to ensure overall understanding of what AWIN offers to Aecon from a business, operations and people perspective.

By leveraging AWIN "champions" across the country and Aecon's operating segments, value is brought to Aecon through AWIN programs/mobile workshops/seminars designed to address some of the challenges faced by women and their families that can influence their professional contributions.