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Aecon has a long history of successful partnerships. After all, partnering is how we conduct all of our business. No matter what the contractual framework, every project we undertake involves the development of a trusted partnership with our clients, subtrades, suppliers, local communities, government and project and joint venture partners.

Many of our large, complex projects have been completed under public-private partnerships and alternative finance agreements, a framework we helped to pioneer more than two decades ago. These strategic partnerships have increasingly enabled our country’s growth opportunities and further strengthened Aecon’s reputation for being a partner of choice in today’s construction and infrastructure development activities.


Aecon Partnership Diagram

Aecon Project Partnership Models

  • Joint ventures
  • Long-term preferred supplier contracts
  • Negotiated, specific-term contracts
  • Long-term strategic alliances*

*Some of Aecon’s strategic alliances, such as with utilities clients like Union Gas, Enbridge, and Enwave, have been successfully in place for more than a decade, with multiple renewals of those contracts. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and partnership!

A project carried out within a formal partnership model often results in successful outcomes for all parties, particularly in a climate of shifting business needs, market uncertainty, technology changes and rising competitive pressures. Partnerships share risks and rewards and look for win-win results. When Aecon has a direct impact on the strategic priorities of our clients, we fully acknowledge the mutual trust and commitment to project schedule and costs. What’s more, the level of expertise and value proposition of an industry leader like Aecon defines the partnership and lays the foundation for project success.

When it comes to Aecon’s partnerships with employees, suppliers and joint ventures, we build these relationships on a culture of shared beliefs, vision and core values. This collective approach extends to common ground in corporate social responsibility. Partnerships built on these guiding principles are sustainable over the long term and beneficial to all members of the circle.