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Named “Project of the Year” in 2006 by the Ontario Public Works Association, the St. John’s Sideroad McKenzie Wetland Project successfully rehabilitated a substandard and unsafe two-lane road travelling through 10 hectares of wetland. The Aecon project was also named “Project of the Year, International” by the American Public Works Association the following year. With marshlands and ponds teeming with wildlife, our crews approached the project with the utmost respect and requisite attention to complete such a fragile and sensitive project.

To gain public support and confidence, Aecon held several public consultations. These sessions led to numerous enhancements toward the final design, including a boardwalk overlooking the marsh, a bike path, extensive planting of new flora and a slew of aesthetics. The end result is an area where local residents and wildlife can today safely co-exist.

One of the unique features that defined the environmentally-sensitive approach adopted by the designers and facilitated by Aecon, was a sheet metal retaining wall to support the raised roadbed. Aecon installed the wall to retain the road’s footprint and minimize any intrusion into the wetland. Since the sheer face of the retaining wall could prove to be challenging for some animals to climb, any meandering animals were redirected under the bridge through a series of culverts, making it safer for both the little critters and motorists travelling above enjoying the spectacular marshland view.

St John’s Sideroad McKenzie Wetland Project