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Hydroelectric generating stations are known for their longevity, which is why the Upper and Lower Mattagami projects in Ontario were all about producing new energy on both existing and currently-used waterpower resources. In June 2010 Aecon and its partner commenced the start of Ontario Power Generation’s largest hydroelectric project in northern Ontario in 40 years.When completed in 2015, the project, which involved upgrading 8 power plants along the Upper and Lower Mattagami River, will have added 438 megawatts of clean, renewable, electrical power to the system – enough power for almost 500,000 homes.

Reducing the ecological footprint reduces our overall load on the environment. The project has also helped to rejuvenate the Moose Cree community and offer their economy a much-needed boost. Many community members have since taken their Aecon-developed skills and training and are participating in other infrastructure projects.

Upper and Lower Mattagami Power Projects