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The harnessing of renewable, sustainable energy sources is an essential supplement to meet today’s demand for power generation. In 2012, Aecon constructed a 10-megawatt solar park in Peterborough, Ontario, and an additional eight solar photovoltaic (PV) parks in eastern Ontario over the course of the following two years. Each solar park was constructed on approximately 85 acres of land and consisted of 40,000 PV solar modules mounted on fixed structural supports. The solar modules generate direct current electricity from the sun’s energy, which is then converted into alternating current and, subsequently, transformed and injected into Ontario’s electrical distribution grid. The projects are currently in operation near Smiths Falls, Belleville, Kingston, Cornwall and Burk’s Falls.

Aecon has also constructed many solar rooftop systems for our clients, as well as for our own use. Our commitment to renewable energy sources is best seen at our Aecon office in Cambridge, Ontario, where Aecon developed, constructed and now operates a 250-kilowatt rooftop solar installation on the roof of our Central Canada fabrication facility. The solar panels generate approximately 325,000-kilowatt hours of clean power a year, eliminating 65 metric tons of CO2 per year. That’s the equivalent of powering 29 homes, taking 12 cars off the road or planting 15 acres of forest.

Solar Parks / Rooftop Solar Systems