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For nearly 30 years, the Atikokan Thermal Generating Station powered northwestern Ontario on a coal fuel supply before OPG hired Aecon to transform the plant into the largest, 100 per cent biomass-fuelled power plant in North America. Under its new operating system, wood pellets-an environmentally-beneficial alternative to coal-are used to generate fuel. The pellets are derived from a renewable resource with what is, in effect, a carbon-neutral footprint, emitting 90 per cent less carbon than coal. By replanting the trees used to make the wood pellets, carbon is soaked up at the same rate as what is generated during combustion. Waste from the combustion process is also considerably reduced as the wood ash, which measures seven per cent less by volume than coal, is recycled back into the soil and used for forest reincorporation.

Atikokan Thermal Generating Station Biomass Conversion