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30,000 hand-planted aquatic plants

50% reduction of potentially harmful activity

4 fish spawning channels built

Resting in an Area of Natural Scientific Interest, as designated by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, the Salmon River Bridge near Belleville, Ontario, underwent a much-needed rehabilitation in 2010. As the area is home to a large population of fish, migratory birds and Canada’s only known population of an endangered perennial plant called juniper sedge, Aecon undertook the utmost care in restoring and widening the 60-year-old Salmon River Bridge.

Having safely removed the fish from the area, construction began within our zero-tolerance framework for environmental disruption. Tarps and plywood decks were strategically placed to catch debris during the demolition phase.

To restore the natural habitat and provide the fish with protected breeding/hiding areas, Aecon hand-planted 30,000 aquatic plants (5,000 of which were donated by Aecon), built four fish spawning channels to provide flood protection during the spawning season and constructed several log structures to replicate natural timber debris present in the area. Once all was in order, the fish were safely returned to their new and improved habitat.

During construction, Aecon reduced by almost half the amount of potentially harmful activity by utilizing light equipment on top of the bridge and by constructing catwalks over the water (beneath the bridge) to facilitate the workers’ safe completion of the project.

Salmon River