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Over 10 project awards

Replanted 1.8 million m² of vegetation

Over 3,700 seedlings were planted

3,500 new acacias planted

dust monitor stations

Over the course of a decade, the Quito International Airport successfully transitioned from a 75-year-old unsafe and inadequate airport into an award-winning modern international air terminal giving Ecuador a new window to the world.

Due to the complexity of the project, plans were devised to provide ongoing monitoring, protection and development for environmental and social issues such as dust control and aircraft nitrogen oxide emission. As a result, 21 dust monitoring stations were built and roughly 1.8 million square metres of vegetation were replanted.

Our team worked closely with the Municipality of Quito to establish a protected forest initiative in three key areas around the airport. A substantial compensation program mitigated the effect of removing trees and vegetation found in the Ecuadorian Andean dry forests. To compensate for the 2,360 trees that were removed, roughly 3,700 seedlings were planted.

During the project, biannual monitoring of the natural ecosystem found on site took place to ensure the habitat remained minimally affected while work was performed, eventually reaching completion in 2012.

This project has also gone a long way in raising the standard of living for Ecuadorians with key initiatives. For example, a total of 547 scholarships have been granted to community members since 2007 through the Quiport scholarship program. More recently, a new initiative called Community Enterprise was implemented to help low-income families who want to develop a low-investment business.

Because of our efforts, the United Nations (UN) gave the project several awards, including the Global Sustainability Award, 2009, Best Practices in Environmental Sustainability in the Americas, 2009, and Social Responsibility Award, 2011.


  • UN Global Sustainability Award, 2009
  • New Millennium Award – International Tourism, Hotel and Catering Trophy, 2011
  • Social Responsibility Award, United Nations Institute for Training and Research, 2010
  • Airport Marketing Price, Routes Official Airline Guide (OAG), 2009 and 2010
  • Best Practices in Environmental Sustainability in the Americas Award, United Nations Institute for Training and Research, 2009
  • Latin American Transport Deal of the Year, Project Finance Magazine, 2006
  • Latin American Airport Finance Deal of the Year, Air Finance Journal, 2005
  • Finalist and Special Mention - Infrastructure 360* Award for Outstanding Sustainable Practices - Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)


Quito International Airport