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At more than 4,000 units and an estimated replacement value of $750 million, Aecon manages one of Canada’s largest heavy and specialty equipment fleets. Supporting the fleet are seven major maintenance and repair facilities across the country and an experienced team that ensures each piece of equipment is individually assessed and performing to its highest possible standard before purchasing or mobilizing. Through regular maintenance and some key best practices, Aecon’s fleet team remains dedicated to fulfilling our company’s commitment to continually improving environmental performance:


Aecon has equipped its fleet with anti-idling devices to significantly lower the carbon footprint of our operations. Any diesel truck greater than two tonnes automatically shuts down after idling for 10 minutes. (The only exception to this policy occurs for safety reasons in situations where the ignition is required to utilize auxiliary devices, such as lift buckets, cranes and compressors.) Cab heaters in our vehicles operate via an internal battery, which further reduces the need for potential idling, and batteries recharge while the vehicles are in operation. Additionally, monitoring devices are installed in the vehicles to gain valuable idling and heater usage information that Aecon uses to gauge our outputs and further refine our carbon footprint.


Aecon’s wireless GPS tracking system offers real-time feedback on our fleet regarding such things as the vehicle’s location, speed and idling details. In addition to reducing fuel usage and optimizing fleet and related maintenance, GPS tracking ensures our employees are operating vehicles and equipment in a safe and environmentally-conscious manner.


At Aecon, our fleet maintenance facilities are configured to support the safe usage, transportation and disposal of potentially hazardous materials and emissions. Our Equipment facility in Milton, Ontario, for example, features double-walled oil tanks and self-contained oil pumping systems. The site also engages a third-party service to safely and suitably dispose of hazardous materials as per strict practices and policies. From a technology perspective, advanced exhaust systems and commercial air cleaners, or “smoke eaters”, ensure proper ventilation in all Aecon maintenance facilities.


Aecon regularly outsources the (appropriate) disposal of tires and, in cases where the tires are still deemed to be operationally safe, the reusing and retreading of tires. Outsourcing tire disposal for the purposes of recycling not only aligns with Aecon’s commitment to continually help reduce our industry’s carbon footprint, it also supports a burgeoning new market focused on environmentally-friendly innovative rubber products.


When it comes to our vehicle fleet, Aecon is committed to buying Canadian. Following a formal tendering process and due diligence regarding vehicle price, safety, quality and environmental considerations, the Aecon fleet team typically arrives at a balanced buy amongst Canada’s “big three” auto manufacturers. The team also meets with the auto makers on an annual basis to discuss environmentally-friendly features amongst the new product lines (i.e. hybrid features, engine specifications, vehicle dimensions and weight, etc.).


For specialty equipment, Aecon has a global agreement in place with an industry-leading heavy equipment manufacturer which affords our company coveted consistencies in price, service levels and training, along with various discounts and rebates.