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As someone who is tremendously proud to be part of an organization that has been building Canada from the (under) ground up for more than 130 years, I am perhaps most proud of the people who stand behind this company, as well as their behaviour.

Corporate social responsibility is nothing new to Aecon. It is ingrained in our company DNA and has truly evolved organically as our company has grown.  At all levels of the organization, we have people who set the tone and drive responsible, accountable and, often, altruistic behaviour, all actions befitting a top-tier construction company.

We hire the best people in the industry – people who exude positive energy and shared values. It’s key to how we operate because our people bring those attributes to work each day and, ultimately, drive our corporate identity. This is reflective of how we, as a company, conduct ourselves, both in the field and in the office, on a daily basis.

I want to personally thank our employees for truly living our culture of corporate social responsibility. Together, we will continue to build things that matter and do so in an ethical and socially responsible, sustainable manner.


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John M. Beck 
President and Chief Executive Officer
Aecon Group Inc.